Classes & Private Coaching with Nick Puga

Scene Study with Nick Puga

This 6-week class will pair students in television & film scenes to be studied, rehearsed and filmed. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a budding TV/movie star, actor Nick Puga will help you get to that next level of acting, preparation, and performance for the screen. Students must bring a head-shot or photo of themselves along with a notebook for class.

You can email at or call the studio at 239.597.6722.

Private Coaching with Nick Puga

Nick will offer private acting lessons to students on Tuesdays, starting April 17th. He has limited spots available in his schedule. Once we move to the new location he will teach private lessons on Thursdays before and after his group class. Some of Nick’s strengths are coaching auditions for students, insider do’s and don’ts of head-shots, resume’s, demo reels, casting sites, agent interviews, managers, developing your brand and which classes or programs to participate in in order to reach your acting/career goals.

You can email at or call the studio at 239.597.6722 to schedule private lessons with Nick Puga.

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