Voted #5 Best Super Bowl Commercial of the decade. A dude (Nick Puga) finds out that playing Rock, Paper, Scissors for a Bud Light isn't such a great idea. This ad first aired February 4th 2007 during Super Bowl XLI. Directed by Tom Routson.

Guys in a deli discuss cutting the cheese. This ad was originally set to air during Super Bowl XLII, but was ultimately banned. It was then released online reaching over a million viewers. Directed by Erich Joiner.

A guy (Nick Puga) gets caught auto-tinning in public. This ad originally aired during Super Bowl XLIV. Directed by Mike Bigelow.

A production P.A. (Nick Puga) is summoned by the director to explain why a certain product is on his set. This ad originally aired during Super Bowl XLV. Directed by Baker Smith.

A valet attendant (Nick Puga) delivers a new twist on the most famous line from 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' This ad originally aired during Super Bowl XLVI. Directed by Todd Phillips.

No one cares who the kicker (Nick Puga) is...until you need him. Directed by Baker Smith.

The King cracks a guy's (Nick Puga) morning rut. Directed by Erich Joiner.

Glen Dorsey offers to help an employee (Nick Puga)fix a mannequin. Directed by David Shane.

Slay dragons with Sir Snacksalot (Nick Puga). Directed by The Pretorian Brothers.

A guy (Nick Puga) dodges gas as best he can. Directed by Jorn Haagen.

A guy (Nick Puga) is intrigued by a shopper's experience. Directed by Dave Laden.

A guy (Nick Puga) makes a pit stop for a right shoe. Directed by Peter Darley Miller.

A new dad (Nick Puga) sniffs out a bad odor. Directed by Aaron Ruell.

A guy (Nick Puga) takes his first bite on an Angry Whopper. Directed by Simon Cole.

A guy (Nick Puga) takes his girlfriend on a little city adventure. Directed by Lisa Rubisch.

A guy (Nick Puga) falls in-sync with a girl. Directed by Baker Smith.

Two dudes get pizza delivered right to their couch. Directed by Matt Smukler.

A young dad (Nick Puga) gets an unexpected visitor during family pool-time. Directed by Rodrigo Garcia Saiz.

Teddy (Nick Puga) wins a day with Christina Aguilera. This ad first aired in the summer of 2001. Directed by Mats & Ulf.

A desert sign spinner gets refreshed. Directed by Jason Lansing.

A guy (Nick Puga) makes room in a tight parking space. Directed by Chris Hooper.

Two dudes discover Eco-Nom-Nomics. Directed by Clay Williams.

A call center employee (Nick Puga) takes on a new work station. Directed by Brendan Gibbons.

An intern (Nick Puga) shares an embarrassing moment with his boss. Directed by Aaron Stoller.

A guy (Nick Puga) is skeptical about his friend's new ride. Directed by Pucho Mentasti.

A couple sniffs the mountain air. Directed by Peter and Martin.

A guy (Nick Puga) launches his rocket with the help of a friend. Directed by Chris Hooper.